Frequently Asked Questions

Send questions to So far, I have only received a few, so "once" counts as "frequently" at this point.

Are you really hitchhiking across the country?

No, I'm driving. It is a guide for hitchhikers, backpackers, and random road trippers. If you've read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you probably already understand the reference. (There was also a movie with the same title, but the book was much better. And it has also appeared in radio and TV series in the UK.) The book itself is named after the title of a fictional book inside the story: an electronic guide book for interstellar travelers that lists the places to stay and things to see on each planet. HHG2 is an electronic guide for only this one planet.

What is the favorite place you have visited?

On this trip, I think I would say Manhattan. I don't think I would want to live there, but it seemed like a very nice place to hang out for a few days.

Do you know the way to San Jose?


On the map you've highlighted to Atlanta, is that where you are this evening, thursday? Will you update that evey day? And did you know that Jo Lyn & Husband, Travis, live there now? He works for John Deere, and when they moved there this summer the first thing he did was break his leg at a mall. We also have/had family around there. One of my fondest memories of a vacation was at Lake Rayburn(? sp) close by there. Grandpa Bloss's cousins had a cabin on the lake and we got to spend about a week there, swimming, and "riding their horses!!" I was about 10 and so in love with horses. The horses names were Pepper and Dolly. I think there is some video on the bloss family tape of Kay and I riding them. These were our "rich" cousins, in my mind. They had a BIG house with a maid. One cousin's name was Susie and then there was Ruth, who your Aunt Ruth was named for. There was a park called (I think) Stone Mountain. And we went to a show of some kind that was set in a circular room that told about the Battle of Atlanta.

Thank you for your question. The ending point on the map shows where I was the last time I updated it; it is not necessarily where I am right now. I will update it when I can, but not necessarily every day. The time and date listed on the map page will show when it was last updated.

And no, I did not know that my old babysitter now lives in Atlanta. Sorry to hear about the leg.

Are you going to collect anything on your trip? Like we used to pick up rocks from various stops, or something else unusual or interesting.

I hadn't thought about collecting anything, other than photos and perhaps some sound clips.

I was cleaning out a closet not very long ago when I found several rocks. I had collected them somewhere, but had no idea where or why. Without knowing their story, they were just rocks in a closet.

So, I am not collecting rocks. I am collecting the stories behind the rocks.

Regarding the rocks comment on the FAQs page - wouldn't you be collecting
the stories underneath the rocks? I mean, unless they're really big rocks.

Thanks for your question. No, the stories are definitely behind the rocks. Underneath the rocks are worms. I checked.

On day 32, I actually did find the story behind some actual rocks. So, I'm sure you are excited to hear about that.

If I remember correctly from chilhood, the whole thing about googly eyes was that they were fun because you could take whatever they were attached to and shake it, thereby making the googly eyes google.

Which brings me to my question, who or what is shaking that fire hydrant to make the googly eyes google?



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