What? Are you just here to tell me what a bad epiloogizer I am? Or did you think I was too stupid to know what an epiloogy was?
    – Kevin Zoolander

After 14,236 miles (more or less), I was back in Dallas. It was weird to go an entire week without buying any gas.

My ankle did fully heal, but it took about a month. I still have the walking stick in the garage. Not sure what to do with it.

I never did receive a ticket for driving on a snowmobile trail. Likewise, I never received the promised bill from the towing company. I honestly would have paid it, if they had sent the bill. But I’m not going to look them up and ask why they never sent it.

I have yet to hear back from anyone, Japanese or not, who has found the missing piece of my kayak somewhere in the Pacific ocean.

I did contact the person whose name I was given on the back of a business card in D.C. I was asked to look him up when I got back to Dallas. The only contact info I was able to find was his physical address, so I sent him a letter. The letter began, “This is probably an odd note to receive…” I never heard back. It’s probably just as well.

My cousin met up with a guy who was traveling to all 50 states, staying with random people along the way, and running a website about his trip. However, he had managed to get Jeep to sponsor his trip by providing him with a vehicle to drive for a year. I have to admit, that is genius, and is something that never even crossed my mind. He happened to be coming to Dallas that week, and I got in touch with him, but he was too busy to meet for lunch.

Occasionally, I do wish I was still out there, like him. But, I don’t want to leave all my friends and family behind for that long again.

I am planning to go on a short mission trip to Mexico next month. The trip involves about 70 people with different jobs to do, from construction to VBS (Vacation Bible School). I figured I would be on the construction crew, and was happy with that, since I really had fun doing deconstruction in New Orleans. At a pre-trip meeting, though, the organizers mentioned that it would be great if they had something like a clown, or someone who could make balloon animals for the Mexican children, though they knew the odds of there being someone like that on the trip were slim to none. I raised my hand and sheepishly admitted that I had 5 years’ experience as a clown from my youth group in high school. So, now it looks like my construction mission trip might be at least partly a clown mission trip. This is typical of my life. Feel free to laugh.

I will continue to update the site periodically, though the posts will become more random (as in, not following the same theme).

Through it all, I have learned that there is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. But I don’t think I should share that secret, because that would only rid me of my natural advantage.

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